28/2/2018 - 2/3/2018

Big Data Week 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland)


The third edition of the EBU Big Data week – from 28 February to 2 March 2018 in Geneva – is dedicated to CHANGE – in every department, from the executive boards to the newsrooms and the marketing teams.

Workshop on data journalism

On the morning of 28 February, we will host a specialized workshop on data journalism for EBU Members to discuss what needs to be done to make the best of it in our newsrooms, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

EDU Big Data Conference

On 28 February (afternoon) and 1 March, the week's flagship event, the EBU Big Data Conference, will bring 150 participants together – journalists, editors, heads of digital, marketing, legal and communications – to tackle the key issues which are at the heart of the transformation process undertaken by media organizations, with a mix of inspiring presentations and moderated talks, extended networking sessions and hands-on demonstrations.

  • Why is big data a cultural revolution for the broadcasting sector and how is it likely to redefine their overall organization?
  • How are new measurement metrics affecting key programming and investment decisions?
  • Why is data journalism still a sleeping giant in many broadcasters' newsrooms and how can we awaken it?
  • How to shape a safe and enabling framework for the younger generations to use data and which key principles should public service media follow to cement trust with users?
  • What are we currently doing to offer users fully personalized services?
  • How can we respond to internal managerial resistance and ensure that all our personnel actively buys-in to data strategies?

Media innovation through research conference

To close the third edition of the EBU Big Data week on 2 March, the "Media Innovation Through Research" Conference, co-organized with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne – a major European research institution – and the innovation-centric MediaRoad project, will explore how stakeholders in the media sector can take advantage of the latest data-driven innovations and research results to enhance the media experience for the end-user, with focus on enriching content via data, tackling fake news and leveraging artificial intelligence. It will gather key experts from the research and media technology ecosystem, from professors to labs, startups and innovative media technology companies. Keynote speakers will include Pierre Vandergheynst, EPFL Vice-President for Education, and Pascal Crittin, Director General RTS.

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