23/9/2017 - 24/9/2017

Data Journalism Bootcamp (New York, USA)


Earlier this year the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service was awarded to a project that uncovered, “primarily through the work of reporter Sarah Ryley, widespread abuse of eviction rules by the police to oust hundreds of people, most of them poor minorities.” Sarah created and analyzed a database of more than 1,100 such evictions with what she calls a “basic toolkit” of best practices and programs that are accessible to anyone, without needing to learn code.

“These are the tools I’ve used for the past 4+ years to produce high-impact data stories, including my Pulitzer Prize-winning series on nuisance abatement, proving there’s a lot you can do with this basic toolkit,” Sarah says.

In this intensive weekend bootcamp, Sarah will cover some of these tools, as time allows:

  • Basic and advanced excel formulas, cleaning data in Excel, pivot tables, and a few other Excel tricks;
  • Cleaning data using Open Refine;
  • Data analysis in Tableau;
  • PDF to Excel converters;
  • Geocoders;
  • Basic scraper tools;
  • Other nifty free web tools;
  • How to write FOIL requests for data; and
  • Fundamentals and best practices for impactful data reporting.

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Image: unaoc.