26/1/2017 - 27/1/2017

Digital Opportunities and Challenges: Researching Journalism and Media in a Digital Age (UK)


This conference will explore new directions in journalism and media research in digital environments. The emergence of social media has ignited lively discussion about the opportunities they can offer to journalism, but also about the challenges they pose. These opportunities and challenges are not only technological: they touch on a variety of areas including social, political and financial realities. What is more, by trying to adapt to these changes, journalistic practices are constantly evolving and the relationships between producers and consumers of news are constantly redefined.

Drawing on these discussions, this conference aims to address a wide range of thematic areas, which are:

  • Theoretical approaches
  • Methodological approaches
  • Practical approaches
  • Contextual approaches

The conference will be held on 26 and 27 January 2017.

Keynote speakers (so far confirmed)

  • Scott Eldridge, Lecturer in Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield
  • Natalie Fenton, Professor of Media and Communications at Goldsmith's University
  • Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director of Research, at the Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism, Oxford University
  • Brian Loader, Director, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of York

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