7/12/2017 - 8/10/2017

SRCCON:WORK (Philadelphia, USA)


SRCCON:WORK is a brand new event for 2017, a small conference that digs deeply into how we as a community take care of each other and take on the hard work of journalism. It builds on the collaborative, peer-driven conference SRCCON, where over four years we have brought hundreds of members of the news-code community together for hands-on sessions exploring the cultural and technical ideas that push journalism forward.

SRCCON:WORK recognizes that technical work is done by people, and supporting those people can have a transformative effect in newsrooms. This is not a conference about javascript or python, machine learning or mapping. It’s a conference for the human beings who use those tools, and who want to develop personal and organizational practices that help them make the most of their skills.

This is a conference about…

  • Collaboration & teamwork. Tech teams often end up in silos, but building relationships that amplify complementary skills can lead to code and stories that change readers’ lives. Let’s share strategies that help us manage and mentor each other, and develop happy, functional teams that communicate and coordinate across newsrooms.
  • Hiring & career growth. We have so much to learn about onboarding new colleagues and helping technical journalists build meaningful careers. We can’t give our communities the coverage they deserve without bringing in diverse, skilled voices and making newsrooms a place they want to stay.
  • Mental health & self-care. We’re living in tough times for journalism right now, and that’s before we even talk about business models. Let’s talk about how to stay healthy—as individuals and as a community—so that even when the work gets hard, we don’t lose sight of the meaning we find in it.

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