28/8/2017 - 1/9/2017

Summer School Big Data for Peace & Justice (The Hague, the Netherlands)


The Peace and Justice sector has already leveraged the use of new data streams, such as social media, mobile phone data or satellite imagery, to better serve vulnerable populations. As a result of this Data Revolution, lessons can be drawn from projects and prototypes that have been deployed in the field.

HumanityX (Centre for Innovation, Leiden University) is committed to exploring the opportunities that such technologies have to offer to the peace, justice and humanitarian sector. Every year the Big Data for Peace & Justice summer school provides a platform for practitioners, policy makers and innovators that are eager to expand their knowledge and skills in data-driven innovations in the peace, justice, and humanitarian sector.

The 5-day programme provides an in-depth exploration into the opportunities and challenges that come with using new data streams in sensitive environments: where lives are at stake, data responsibility becomes a key consideration from the very start. Participants are encouraged to work on concrete cases and develop their own projects throughout the programme, and will leave with a great overview of who does what, where and how.

Confirmed speakers come from a range of different organisations, including UN OCHA, Leiden University, NOHA/University of Groningen, UN Global Pulse, Institute for Economics and Peace, World Vision, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and many more!

The course is designed for professionals in NGOs, International Organisations or public sector, and (senior) students who are keen to deepen their understanding of how the Data Revolution impacts the peace, justice and humanitarian sector. No prior technical experience required.

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