CNN Politics App: Election data at your fingertips


Defying commonly held assumptions that desktop provides the best data driven experiences, CNN has adopted a mobile-centic approach to the 2016 race for the White House.

Released this week, the CNN Politics App tracks the latest polling, delegate, voting and fundraising data behind the upcoming election.

Key features of the CNN Politics app include:

  • Exclusive data driven stories and visualizations, which will help voters understand who is winning the election — and why
  • Comprehensive election results, breaking news, enterprise and video reporting
  • Personalized alerts and notifications to keep users up-to-date on the storylines and trends that define the race



The CNN Politics app was built using CA API Management and CA Mobile App Analytics products. The CA API management software transfers and aggregates data points from numerous different sources, including CNN polling data, Federal Election Commission data and the CNN/Pivit Political Prediction Market, to help users navigate the race and draw conclusions based on how the election is tracking. CA Mobile App Analytics provides the insight to gauge app use with advanced data visualization and optimize app performance to deliver a seamless user experience.

“From polling to fundraising to delegate counts, who is tracking well and who isn’t, there is a wealth of data associated with this historic campaign,” said Matthew Drooker, vice president of app development and technology, CNN. “We partnered with CA Technologies to build a native mobile experience for users to digest the meaning behind the numbers in a compelling and entirely personal way. The result is an informative, immersive and indispensable multimedia experience.”


Download the CNN Politics App here.