‘The future of UK aid’ - Interactive visualisation from the Guardian


In this interactive visualisation the Guardian Data Blog and the Guardian Global Development site explore where and on what the UK will spend its aid budget over the next five years. The interactive helps readers understand which are the funding priorities and allows them to compare funding across regions and countries. 


The Guardian Data Blog: The future of UK aid - interactive

Some of the trends highlighted in the analysis:

"Health and education remain among the top areas for UK aid. But when you look within health, for example, interesting trends become apparent. By 2015, reproductive, maternal and newborn health will consume nearly 64% of DfID's global health funding, while the share of funding for HIV and Aids will drop from 16% in 2010-11 to under 6% in 2014-15. In the Caribbean, which has the world's highest prevalence rate, the UK will not fund any further work on HIV and Aids, with the justification that this sector is 'well served by other donors'."

The interactive is built on data from the Department for International Development (DfID) and uses the BubbleTree code from the Open Knowledge Foundation and OpenSpending.org.

To get the data and read about how the Guardian analysed it visit the Guardian Data Blog.