4 Ways to broadcast data


Ever wondered what data sounds like?

When we think of data journalism, its usually interactive visualisations or slick web stories that first comes to mind. But many of our broadcast colleagues have made waves bringing data to the air.

We looked at four cool examples of broadcasters doing data journalism.

1. How many trees are there in the world?

It’s a simple question, but the answer required 421,529 measurements from fifty countries on six continents. Nature used this data to produce a stunning visualisation of our planet as you’ve never seen it before.

2. Listen To U.S. Coal Production Fall Off A Cliff

The drop off in America's coal industry has being staggering. To illustrate this, Jordan Wirfs-Brock created an audio clip that lets you hear coal production fall off a cliff.

3. The Hole Story: Mapping How Long It Takes to Fix DC Potholes

In 2015, D.C.’s Department of Transportation said the city was headed straight into the worst stretch of pothole season. The News4 I-Team hit the streets to map out the city's potholes and compare areas.

4. The music of Oklahoma’s earthquakes

You're more likely to experience an earthquake in Oklahoma than in any other American state. As part of an investigation into the state's increasing rate, Michael Corey of Reveal created a sonification of earthquakes over the past decade

Image: Daniel Temkin.