Announcing the winner of the Data Journalism Survey prize!


Between April and August 2011 the European Journalism Centre (EJC) circulated a survey on training needs for data journalism. You can read about the results of the survey in an article by data journalism trainer Mirko Lorenz and another one by journalism professor and trainer Paul Bradshaw. You can find the survey data here.

To say thank you we offered a 100 Euro Amazon voucher to one of the participants in our survey. The winner was young French journalist Maureen Le Mao.

Since July Le Mao has been covering economic news at print and online news publisher, La Lettre API, which aims to give economic news to decision-makers in the west of France by covering developments in companies and economic leaders in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire.

The regional news publisher is now working on their first data journalism project. As part of this project the newspaper is mapping the participants to the 2009 and 2010 editions of “Les trophées Territoires et innovation,” an award which rewards innovative companies and economic leaders of Pays de la Loire. The publisher’s interest in data journalism and particularly mapping comes from a desire to find innovative and useful ways of presenting economic data.
Le Mao says, “local and regional data journalism in France is also done in the hacking days format”. Together with a small team she ranked eight French cities according to their taste in music. You can read more about this project here.
Le Mao found out about the survey while doing research for her graduation paper on data journalism. “We didn’t explore this subject during my education. I’m a journalist and I think we need training in this new field,” says the young journalist.
For the future, Le Mao hopes that more journalists and publications will adopt data journalism: “In my mind, data journalism is part of the future of journalism, but it won’t replace the aim of our job: investigation and the human side of storytelling.”

Congratulations Maureen!