Final days to apply for OpenNews’ Ticket + Travel scholarships


The journalism code community is diverse and distributed across the globe. Events can be a great opportunity to get together in person to chat and collaborate, but sometimes the cost of travel can be a hardship. To help with the cost of attending conferences and other technical events, OpenNews is offering Ticket + Travel scholarships.

The scholarship program was first launched in 2016, and supports participation in events that benefit the journalism code community.

"The plan for this program developed over the course of years. We’ve consistently seen how influential participating in events can be for the individual, their organization, and the broader community," explained Erika Owens, Deputy Director.

"Speakers build confidence in their role as leaders in the community. Participants learn new skills and come away fortified with the knowledge they are not alone in frustrations, exasperations, and yet still hope for our industry. People share back in blog posts and brown bags at the office. A couple days away from the desk can shape the next year, or more."

Due to the success of the program, OpenNews is continuing to offer scholarships in 2018, with the first round closing on 24 January 2018.

The scholarship includes:

  • $500 toward the travel costs of attending an event on journalism and technology, or an open-source event where you’ll build new skills or bring a journalism connection to a new community.
  • Full coverage of the event registration fee (capped at $1,000)

So whether you’re a newsroom developer at a small organization with a strained professional development budget, or a freelance developer eager to learn more about journalism code, OpenNews wants to hear from you.

Apply here.

Image: tiffini.