Forget fake news! Help the viral spread of verified facts


Fake news has become one of the most infamous phrases of our time. And we've all fallen for its clickbait. 

TruthBuzz, a new contest from the International Center for Journalists and the Craig Newmark Foundation, is hoping to change this.

The contest is calling for new ideas that will make fact-checked storytelling more clickable, shareable and viral than its fake news counterparts. 

"We want your creative solutions for taking fact-checking beyond long-form explanations and bullet points. We’re looking for ideas — — from everyone, not just journalists — that turn fact-checking into engaging, visual and interactive stories that are instantly understandable and shareable", explained Oren Levine, one of the contest's judges.

To be successful, applications should:

  • Explain how the project corrects a falsehood
  • State which sources will be used to determine the facts
  • Describe how the project uses innovative techniques to spread the truth quickly
  • Include a sample social media post that uses the fact-checking invention

And if you'd like some more tips, judges Oren Levine, Shaheryar Popalzai and Aimee Rinehart, recently held a webinar exploring how to create well-sourced, viral content:

Applications are due by 30 June 2017 (Now extended to 9 July 2017). 
Apply here.
Image: Stuart Rankin.