Is there an app for that? A look at how apps can be used to tell stories with open data


Earlier this month, at the 'EU Datathon 2017', teams were challenged to create applications that showcased stories related to three key priorities for the European Union: jobs, growth and investment; the digital single market; and democratic change.

Contestants had to use at least one dataset from the EU Open Data Portal, which gives central access to open data made available by the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. From 34 highly promising proposals, 10 finalists were invited to present their projects to a jury of data professionals from both in and outside the EU institutions.

We took a look at their top three.

1. C4P.io
C4P.io took out the top prize with an app that uses public procurement data to generates intelligence about the EU market for the benefit of the public sector, companies and citizens using data science.

The C4P platform leverages off data TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) and the Financial Transparency System.
In the words of Margus Mägi, Estonian Council Presidency Adviser, the C4P Platform 'contributes greatly to the business environment and transparency across Europe through its many user groups'.
Image: C4P.io
2. LightOnEurope
LightOnEurope, from Germany, came in second place for its open source app which compares data on a variety of topics. It uses geospatial information (GISCO) to explore and visualise data based on a geographical region that you select. For example, you can draw a polygon on the map and get tailored statistics about the region inside.

3. Unigraph

Finally, Austrian team Unigraph ranked third with an application to organise data sources and facilitate searches using data from CORDIS, the Transparency Register and Wikidata.

Image: Unigraph's data is updated continuously.

Find out more about the EU datathon here.