New courses combine art with data (and no, they’re not teaching visualization)


DataArts, the United States' premier resource for financial and programmatic data from the arts and cultural sectors, today announced a new series of online courses designed to teach essential data skills.

The course combine brief videos, real-world examples, and interactive activities, in order to strengthen the sectors' vitality, performance, and public impact through data literacy.

“The Data Essentials courses are the logical next step in DataArts’ mission to equip arts and cultural organizations to collect, learn from, and use data effectively,” said Beth Tuttle, President and CEO of DataArts.

Although aimed at arts professionals, journalists working in the sector will also benefit from the content, which will empower them to use data to report on nonprofit arts management practices, funding policies, and grants.

There are currently three courses available:

  • Connecting the Dots: Audience Data Essentials, which explains data capture techniques, key audience metrics, and the basics of audience segmentation;
  • Strength in Numbers: Financial Data Essentials, which demystifies key financial metrics for insight and management, financial planning aligned with organizational strategy, and tools to determine the full cost of programs; and,
  • Looking as We Leap: Data for Decisions, which aims to clarify when data can be helpful, how to identify options, and measure what matters.


An additional course, Making the Case: Advocacy Basics for Arts Leaders, is due to be released in April 2017.

Explore the courses here.