Submissions open for the PacificVis 2018 visual data storytelling contest


Following the success of the 2017 IEEE PacificVis Data Storytelling Contest, which celebrated visuals of topics from Korean lipstick sales to air pollution in Beijing, the contest will take place for the second time in 2018. 

Video: 2017 finalist, exploring how a hit Korean drama increase sales of lipsticks.

Recognising that data storytelling, narrative visualization, and explanatory visualization have emerged as important industry trends, the 2018 contest hopes to highlight innovations in the broader visualization community.

The contest is a part of PacificVis 2018, a unified visualization symposium, discussing all areas of visualization, including information, scientific, graph, security, and software visualization. Storytellers are invited to submit visual data driven stories that draw upon any of these areas. 

Unlike other contests, the data for the PacificVis visual data storytelling contest will be left unspecified, that is, storytellers are free to choose from any publicly-available dataset. Similarly, themes of the story can draw from any topic, including current affairs, history, natural disasters, and research findings from the sciences and humanities.

For inspiration, journalists are encourage to review the 2017 finalists and the following three videos.

Submissions are due on 19 January 2018.

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