The data journalism lesson at the News World Summit


Data journalism was high on the agenda of this year's News World Summit in Hong Kong. 

Day two of the conference started with a half an hour session called "The data journalism lesson." The conference website describes the session as follows:

Apart from business journalists and a few others, our news community knew little about the world of data and we were convinced that it was boring for our audience. In practice, it’s a new continent to discover. Thanks to technology and easy access to huge databases, citizens can better understand a score of topics that impact their daily life and their local community. Journalists must connect to those new requests and understand that data-mining will be part of their future job. NEWS! asked a pioneer and a forward-thinking editor to detail the latest trends in data-journalism as well as investigative journalism.

Watch the keynote speech of Paul Steiger, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of ProPublica, at the News World Summit 2011 in the video below.