Twitter data visualization of the Anthony Scaramucci news


Farewell, Anthony Scaramucci. Only ten days after being announced the new White House Communications Director under the Trump Administration, Scaramucci is out. When news broke, the Twitter-sphere had a field day. Using Affinio – the marketing intelligence platform – we were able to quickly understand the context and breadth of the Scaramucci Twitter conversation, as well as the audiences participating.

What communities are leading the dialogue?

Affinio shows that on Twitter over 170,705 unique individuals mentioned “Anthony Scaramucci” one day after the announcement. Affinio’s algorithm lets us look at the connections between the +170,705 people involved in the conversation, evaluate them, and reason about them in aggregate. Through the use of machine learning and social media analysis, Affinio analyzed the connections between the accounts within the audience, the content read and shared by audience members, and interests of this audience.

The audience visualization above reveals how the individuals participating in the Anthony Scaramucci conversation segmented into eight interest-based communities ranging from Sports Fans to Journalists. The biggest share of in the conversation are the Journalist and Writing communities and The Resistance segment.

How to interpret the visualization

Each cluster of colored nodes represents each interest-based community. The more nodes, the bigger the community. The lines between the nodes represent follower relationships. The more lines, the more people in the community are likely to know each other or are connected.

Where is the conversation happening?

Affinio analyzes the profiles of every audience cluster and plots their locations using a heat map. Darker/highly saturated areas indicate zones where a lot of audience members live. The heat map reveals that the largest portion of the audience is located in the eastern US but also that the news is being echoed globally.

What else are they talking about?

Using Affinio’s Topic Explorer subsection, an interactive graph that groups articles and videos the audience shares into relevant topic categories, we can see the top topics the audience is talking about are also related to the Trump Administration. Other important topics the audience is also engaging with include:

  • Trump’s relation to CNN
  • Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer
  • John McCain and the Obamacare repeal

Keeping a pulse on culture

Affinio analysis enabled us to immediately understand the context and breadth of the Scaramucci discussion, as well as the communities, participating. For journalists, Affinio can help you dig into any topic, field, or online conversation. While evaluating and understanding the audiences engaging in the recent political news is one example, there are endless possibilities with Affinio’s actionable audience data.

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A version of this analysis was originally posted on the Affinio Blog. Republished with permission.