Using open data? Put yourself on the map


The Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE) is developing an interactive map to galvanize support for open data initiatives - and they need your contributions!

Although it is not set to be officially launched until 2016, a beta version of The Open Data Impact Map is available online and already contains information from over 1000 organizations in 80 countries.

Journalists who have worked with open data on behalf of a company, non-profit, or a developer group are encouraged to contribute to the map by taking a short survey on the CODE website. The survey is available in Spanish, French, Russian, German, Korean and Portuguese, as well as English, in the hope of facilitating a global understanding of the value derived from open data initiatives.

So far, the Map reveals a myriad of data driven journalism projects - from a developer group in China that employs open data to report on food safety, to a digital magazine in Mexico that harnesses open data for political fact-checking.


By providing a visual platform of open data use cases, CODE aims to position open data as a valuable public good, and increase government adoption of open initiatives - an endpoint of particular benefit for data driven journalists.

"Once they identify their data “customers,” government ministries can bring them in to understand their data needs more thoroughly and meet them more effectively," explains Katherine Garcia, CODE's Communications Manager.

Beyond contributing to the Map's database, data journalists can also leverage its data for their own analyzes. The Map contains a filter search function, allowing you to explore the database by region, country, organization type, industry category, data type and its application purpose. Once your search is complete, you can download the results in CSV or JSON formats for further analysis.

Submit your open data use case here and explore the Open Data Impact Map here.