Video: The Data Tsunami: when journalism becomes quantified


From 30 May to 1 June 2012, the Global Editors Network -- 2012 News World Summit took place in Paris, gathering more than 400 media professionals together from around the world to discuss new editorial principles and journalistic tools that could be rapidly implemented into their media houses.

Among the many panel sessions that were held during the event was The Data Tsunami: when journalism becomes quantified discussion, which took place on 31 May 2012. This panel discussion was jointly led by the European Journalism Centre and focused on the topic of new data visualization and data analysis tools and how they enable journalists to produce stunning news stories, applications, and services using data. The main question that was asked and addressed at this panel was, "what is the recipe (or recipes) for doing good data journalism and why should we care about it in the first place?" 

Below you will find the video recap of the panel session. The panel was moderated by Liliana Bounegru, Project Manager, European Journalism Centre, and the speakers included:

  • Joshua Hatch, Online Content Manager, Sunlight Foundation, USA
  • Justin Arenstein, Director, African News Innovation Challenge, South Africa
  • Vasily Gatov, Head of the MediaLab, RIA Novosti, Russia
  • John Daniszewski, Vice President & Senior Managing Editor, Associated Press (AP), USA