Video: School of Data Journalism - Information Wants to Be Free workshop


Commenting on the title of the workshop, Prof. Steve Doig, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, and Pulitzer Prize winner, noted that an addition should have been made to the name of this session: "Information wants to be free... but the government really doesn't want it to be free." The American journalist explained to the audience how "the government either wants information to be secret or charges a lot of money for it." In this workshop, Doig was joined by investigative journalist Heather Brooke, whose work for The Guardian helped unveil the previously unknown world of MPs expenses in Britain. Helen Darbishire, Vice President of Access Info, joined the workshop to provide an overview of the state of the Freedom of Information legislation in Europe and introduced the LegalLeaks toolkit, a guide for journalists to legally access government information.

Notes from this workshop and links to useful resources related to this topic can be found in this document.