afriLEAKS provides a platform for whistleblowers to leak confidential documents of public interest to journalists in Africa. The system has in-built identify protection mechanisms, making it difficult to identify the sources of leaked information. This site also allows whistleblowers to stay in touch with reporters and answer further questions without revealing your name or contact information.

Leaking can be dangerous and scary. In recognition, the site also provides a general security infosheet to help whistleblowers protection themselves. This infosheet contains an overview of risks, from social to technological, and mitigation strategies to protection against these. These tips are not just relevant to afriLEAKS whistleblowers, but can also be used by other individuals more broadly.

afriLEAKS is built on security software created by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights and the open source GlobaLeaks toolkit, using methodologies first pioneered by Publeaks in the Netherlands. afriLEAKS has customized both the technology and deployment models to better suit resource-challenged newsrooms.

It is run by an alliance of African news organisations, including the Mail & Guardian, the Premium Times, the Daily Monitor and the Botswana Guardian. Journalists that receive information come from 17 news organisations across the continent, chosen for excellence in investigative journalism, integrity in content and investigative processes, and geographic relevance. Receiving media organisations from the African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting were initially chosen for been known to exhibit these criteria. Other outlets have been vetted by a board of leading investigative journalists.

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