Afrobarometer Online Data Analysis


Analyze data on Africa in six simple steps.

Afrobarometer provides free and open data about Africans’ views on democracy, governance, and many other issues – all of which can be explored and visualized through its Online Data Analysis tool.

Data is collected via face-to-face interviews, using a randomly selected sample of 1,200 or 2,400 people in each of the 36 participating countries. Once collected, data is verified and checked by Afrobarometer’s national partners, and all of the survey methodologies are made available via survey manuals.

Currently, data covers 17 topics ranging from participants’ views on China, to perceptions on the access to justice, and support or understanding of democracy.

Online Data Analysis Tool

Afrobarometer offers an in-browser tool that simplifies the data analysis process into six simple steps.


Image: Afrobarometer.

Within this process, you can search data by country or question, as well as comparing data from different countries, and browse results on topics such as gender equality, economy, taxation and national identity.

Once you’ve found an useful dataset, the tool allows you to create your own graphs, pie charts and tables and export them in multiple formats.


Image: Afrobarometer.

Explore the Afrobarometer Online Data Analysis tool here.