A tool to facilitate the use of AIDS-related data in countries and globally.

Over the past 20 years, UNAIDS has collected and published information on the state of the world’s HIV epidemic to raise awareness and shape responses. Their work has led to the most extensive data collection on HIV epidemiology, programme coverage and finance, and their publications contain the most authoritative and up-to-date information on the HIV epidemic. Often recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for HIV information, it is valuable resource for journalists covering AIDS or stories related to it.

AIDSInfo is a data visualization and dissemination tool that makes querying UNAIDS’ wealth of data more accessible. It contains their full dataset from 1990 to 2015, including data on AIDS spending, epidemiological estimates, country-reported programs and National Composite Policy Index responses from government and civil society.

Data can be explored through the tool’s interactive map at the regional, national and subnational level for a variety of indicators. Going deeper, the tool also offers a clean interface to compare data in different areas and over a number of years.

For example, say you are investigating the effectiveness of public health campaigns geared towards young people. By clicking on the ‘Data Sheet’ tab, you can query data like ‘New HIV infections’ and refine your search by age and area.

If you’re particularly interested in the difference between two places, clicking on the ‘Compare’ tab lets you explore the same data for multiple areas.

AIDSInfo’s data visualization capabilities allow for the rapid production of charts, maps and tables, along with export of data and graphics to numerous formats for presentation and analysis.

The tool also offers an array of pre-made products, such as factsheets and country briefs.

Explore AIDSInfo here.