A form tool built specifically for the needs of journalists.

Journalists often use forms to invite suggestions, tips, or ideas for their stories - and increasingly, to crowdsourcing data for their stories. But there are few form tools built for the specific needs of a journalist.

The Coral Project's tool Ask hopes to bridge this gap. The tool was developed with an eye to facilitating better journalism, and has incorporated a number of dynamic features to this end:

  • tag and search responses
  • a Gallery feature that applies the principle of ‘Social Proof’ to encourage more responses
  • the ability to edit Gallery submissions for length, clarity, 

Use Ask for data visualization

Using the Ask API, journalists can also create visuals from the submissions received. For example, Newsday asked readers to evaluate Trump's first 100 days in office and then used these evaluations to create an interactive report card for the President.

Image: Newsday's Trump report card visual.

Similarly, in the wake of the Presidential Election, Philly.com asked readers for their messages to the then Presidential-elect. From these responses, they used Ask's API to draw out key emotions and issues, and represent these visually.

Image: The Philly.com visual created using Ask's API.

Find out more about Ask here.