BuzzData is a social data-publishing platform currently in beta. The platform allows people to publish data within context, with room for users to comment, add visualizations, attachments and articles alongside their data. 

‘There’s a lack of any communal social behaviour around the data, even though it’s something that everyone is saying is really popular,’ says CTO and Co-Founder, Pete Forde. According to him BuzzData came about because while ‘there is a growing critical mass of people working with data that come from different backgrounds and skill sets, there’s a decided lack of a place for people to actually go and collaborate and communicate and discuss and share data sets together.’

The idea behind is to enable members to upload their own data and find collaborators if needed. The platform enables conversations to emerge around topics or data sets of interest. The history function allows access to older versions of a data set even as new versions of it are being uploaded. BuzzData will even track data you suggest to get the publisher of that data on board at BuzzData.

Some of the data publishing that's been done by news orgs can be found here and here.

More information about BuzzData can be found on their blog.