Conversations with data


A collection of links to past editions of our data journalism newsletter.

In case you've missed it, Conversations with data is the European Journalism Centre's premier newsletter for all things data. 

Each edition opens up a conversation about data with you. We know that the only way to master data journalism is by doing, which means you’re in the best position to help others grow from your mistakes and learn from your triumphs.

But that's not all. When we're not featuring your advice and tips, Conversations with data gives you the opportunity to participate in 'ask me anythings' with experts in the field.

Past editions

Although you can subscribe to receive our data newsletter straight to your inbox, we know that your email can be a busy place. So, to help you keep up-to-date, all of our past editions will also be updated below.

  • Issue #12: Data scraping, featuring Paul Bradshaw, Peter Aldhous, Mikołaj Mierzejewski, Maggie Lee, Gianna-Carina Grün and Erika Panuccio
  • Issue #11: Social data reporting, featuring Lam Thuy Vo
  • Issue #10: Environmental data journalism, featuring Elisabetta Tola, Dianne M. Finch, Jamie Smith Hopkins, Naveena Sadasivam, Aleszu Bajak, Global Forest Watch, Fenja De Silva-Schmidt, Gianna Grün, Timo Franz, Federica Fragapane, and Fiona Macleod
  • Issue #9: Fact-checking, featuring Anim van Wyk, Dinda Purnamasari, Matt Martino, Tania Roettger, and Samar Halarnkar
  • Issue #8: Favourite chart types, featuring Birger Morgenstjerne, Mona Chalabi, Alvaro Valiño, Mustapha Mekhatria, RJ Andrews, Brian Suda, Severino Ribecca, Nadieh Bremer, Shirley Wu, and Mikko Järvenpää
  • Issue #7: West Africa Leaks, featuring Will Fitzgibbon and Daniela Lepiz
  • Issue #6: World Cup data journalism, featuring David Bauer, Ashley Kirk, Patrick Stotz, James Le, Omar Chaudhuri, Andrew Garcia Phillips, Ferran Morales, Riley D. Champine, and Felipe Hoffa
  • Issue #5: Open data, featuring Fabrizio Scrollini, Pinar Dağ, Jonathan Stoneman, Eva Constantaras, Becky Band Jain, Eric Karstens, Paul Bradshaw, Nikesh Balami, Giuseppe Sollazzo, Mollie Hanley, Anastasia Valeeva, Gianfranco Cecconi, and Natalia Carfi
  • Issue #4: Immersive storytelling, featuring Thomas Seymat, Robert Hernandez, Retha Hill, and Óscar Marín
  • Issue #3: Crowdsourcing, featuring Eliot Higgins, Andrew Losowsky, Vojtech Sedlak, Flor Coelho, Myf Nixon, Stu Shulman, Peter Gosselin, Clare Blumer, and Roberto Rocha
  • Issue #2: Algorithmic reporting, featuring Nick Diakopoulous, Jens Finnäs, and Laurence Dierickx
  • Issue #1: Our concept

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