A Drupal-based, open-source data warehousing, visualization, and mapping tool.

DKAN is an open-source tool that helps governments, organizations and other individuals store raw data, sort through it, and make it meaningful through visualization features.

Data can be imported into DKAN directly, or via API harvesting. Following this, users have the option to tag and sort their data, and then render it into a chart, chloropleth map, or other visualization, which can be published to the web via embed code.

As a Drupal-based version of CKAN, it adheres to the same API, data, and functionality standards, whilst also incorporating Durpal's extensibility.

The tool also offers 24 hour support services.

DKAN has been incorporated into the National Democratic Institute's democratic support kit DemTools, and utilized by the Institute to help produce data-driven reporting on election and democracy-building activities.


Image: Using DKAN to report on Wisconsin elections

Want to learn more? Check out this video tutorial:

Visit the DKAN website here or its GitHub page here.