Earthdata Search


A simple search tool that puts NASA’s extensive repository of earth science data and information at your fingertips.

Earthdata Search is a useful search interface that allows you to discover, retrieve and visualize NASA’s earth science data.


Say you are reporting on Sudan. By using this keyword term, Earthdata Search retrieves the following collections:


From here, your results can be narrowed by specific features, keywords, project, processing level, organization, platform, and instrument.

In this case, let’s say we are only interested in data that relates to agriculture.


From here we can filter this down further or, if you can already see the data that you are interested in, simply add it to your project.


Once you have added all the relevant data to your project, it can be downloaded on the view project screen.


As well as retrieving data, Earthdata Search leverages Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS) to explore the repository’s data through granule-based visualizations.

Check out this video tutorial to learn more:

Start searching at Earthdata Search now.