R Interface to the Federal Reserve Economic Data API.

FredR is a package that provides an interface to the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) API.

FRED covers 240,000 US and international macroeconomic time series from 77 sources, including the World Bank and OECD. Time series' are frequently updated at annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily frequencies. The economic time series in FRED contain observation or measurement periods associated with data values.

To use FredR, you must first create an account here to get access to the API. Then, since the package is currently only available on Github, you will need Hadley's devtools in order to install it.

Once installed, you can begin querying the API and exploring its data.

The naming conventions used in the FredR package map one-to-one to the official API calls contained in the official API documentation.

Visit the FredR GitHub page here.

Image: frankieleon.