Google Cloud DataLab


An interactive data science workflow tool from Google.

Google Cloud DataLab is a free interactive tool created to explore, analyze, transform and visualize data and build machine learning models on Google Cloud Platform. It combines code, documentation, results, and visualizations together in an intuitive notebook format, to enable developers, data scientists and data analysts to easily work with their data from exploration to developing and deploying data pipelines.

Image: Google Cloud DataLab.

The tool deeply integrates into Google Cloud Platform to allow users to extract insights and harness the full value of their data. Further, for journalists working on collaborative projects, it provides a secure environment for other journalists to effortlessly access data and resources accessible from the project, and to share notebooks via git.

For those working with large datasets, DataLab boasts the ability to query terabytes of data in BigQuery, run local analysis on sampled data, and run training jobs on terabytes of data in Cloud Machine Learning Engine seamlessly.

Image: DataLab's dashboard.

In addition, Datalab is based on Jupyter (formerly IPython) so you can use a large number of existing packages for statistics, machine learning, and more. Users can also learn from published notebooks and swap tips with the IPython community.

Explore Google Cloud DataLab here.