A quick and simple tool to batch query Google.

Want to see how many times a particular term appears on the web? Googlescraper is a free, in-browser tool that allows you to quickly query websites of your choice for any number of terms.

To begin scraping, you simply need to input the URLs you wish to crawl in the top box, and your keywords underneath.


Image: Inputting URLs into Googlescraper for a query on net neautrality.

The tool will then query Google, issuing URLs that contain your keywords or the number of times that they appeared in your selected URLs. These can be displayed as a tag cloud, html table, or written to a text file.

Use cases

The Digital Methods Initative (DMI) has used Googlescraper to gauge the reach climatic skeptic content on the web.

To conduct their analysis, they used Googlescraper to query the web for mentions of ‘climate change’, generating a list of associated URLs. Using this list, the team then queried for mentions of known climate skeptics.

The ensuing Googlescraper results allowed the team to identify the extent that skeptics are represented in the climate change spaces on the Web. For example, the scraped data indicated that:

  • There is distance between the skeptics and the top of the search engine returns, with few skeptics appearing in Google’s top ten results.
  • News sites, generally speaking, do not mention the climate change skeptics by name. Although audiences may get the impression that uncertainty in the climate change debate continues, this uncertainty appears to be discussed without reference to the well-known, or identified, skeptics.

Try Googlescraper for yourself here.