Iframe Scaffolder


Quickly arrange several iframes or URLs to create interactive multi-screen visualizations

Want to collate several maps or infographics, but lack the developer skills? Iframe Scaffolder could offer a simple solution.

Created by Pierre Romera, Iframe Scaffolder allows you to input multiple URLs or Iframe codes and collate these together into one holistic interactive. Like a building's scaffolding, this tool creates the back-end structure that holds a multi-screen interactive together, without you needing to touch it.

Using Iframe Scaffolder is very intuitive - all you have to do is copy paste the URLs or Iframe codes that you want to collate into the first box. Iframe Scaffolder then loads these into a preview section, and you can adjust the layout and colors according to your preferences. When you have finished, Iframe Scaffolder automatically generates an Iframe code that allows you to export the final product.


An example: Refugee's Location Map

Mother Jones's September 8 article, 'Stop Looking Just at Europe. There's a Migration Crisis Everywhere', draws from a multi-screen map of refugee locations created with Iframe Scaffolder by Simon Rogers.

Using Iframe Scaffolder, Rogers joined three migration maps derived from UNHCR data, allowing for a comparative view of refugee hosting and migration trends across the globe. The first map depicts 'refugee location' per 1 million inhabitants of any selected country, whilst the second map illustrates raw 'refugee numbers' per country and the third, 'refugee origin', indicates the country of emigration. Shown together with the help of Iframe Scaffolder, these maps highlight the global scope refugee movements and trends - a picture that reaches beyond the widely covered Mediterranean crisis.


Read more about how Rogers used Iframe Scaffolder for this project on his blog.

Check out Iframe Scaffolder on GitHub.