IIAG Data Portal


A free, online resource that puts African data at your fingertips.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation has just launched a new IIAG Data Portal. With a mandate to strengthen the availability and use of data in Africa, the new portal is freely available online and serves as an interactive platform for in-depth exploration of governance performance for each of the 54 countries.

The portal leverages data from the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, and comprises of four main categories:

  • Safety & Rule of Law
  • Participation & Human Rights
  • Sustainable Economic Opportunity
  • Human Development

These categories are made up of 14 sub-categories, consisting of 95 indicators. The 2016 IIAG is calculated using data from 34 independent, external data sources.

For the first time ever, the portal lets users examine data at the indicator-level for all 95 IIAG indicators. Users are able to delve into a single indicator, as well as comparing measures.


Image: The portal's indicator selection screen.

The portal also lets you review a single country, or compare groups and regions.


Image: A comparison of overall governance between Sub-Saharan Africa and West Africa.

Once you've found some actionable data, the tool can generate shareable visualisations and graphics.


Image: A graph generated by the portal that compares participation in landlocked and island countries.

Explore the portal here.