Generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colors.

Design choices can make or break a visualization. If colors are too light, the reader may miss what you are trying to convey. By the same token, if colors are too bright, they may be distracted and miss your message.

To avoid these kinds of problems, the team at Médialab developed iWantHue.

iWantHue uses an algorithm to analyze the perceptive distance in the color subspace, and generate a palette with hue, saturation, and lightness levels that ensure optimal readability.

To generate a palette, you simply need to input the number of colors that you want to incorporate into your visualization and whether you are using a light or dark background. From here, you can adjust hue, saturation, and lightness levels, with the tool automatically calibrating the palette based on these selections.

The following video provides a step-by-step walk through of this process:

Visit the iWantHue website here or its GitHub page here.