Create thematic maps in 3 steps

Khartis helps you to create beautiful thematic maps without any knowledge of cartography.

Developed by the team at Atelier de cartographie at Sciences Po, the tool has one simple aim: to build maps in just a few clicks, without jeopardising the standards of scientific rigor. 

And Khartis isn’t just another online mapping tool either. It’s is one of the few that allows you to break free from Mercator representations of the world, offering 10 different projections to play with. In addition, the tool provides four visualisation types, each of which are highly customisable.

The tool also provides journalists with confidentiality safeguards – your data belongs to you, and everything stays in your web browser.

As with all great tools, it’s been made available for free and open source.

Visit the Khartis webpage here or its GitHub page here.