Local Focus


Let your data tell the story for you.

Ever wanted to visualize your story with only a few clicks? Local Focus is a cool tool that generates graphics based on the data that you upload.
In five easy steps, the tool will take your data and transform it into an engaging graphic:
1. Copy and paste the dataset
2. Check the data
3. Choose a visualization form
4. Customize the visual
5. Publish

Unlike other visualization tools, Local Focus is unique in that it recognizes figures, units and other information in your dataset. So when you get to step two, for instance, it can help you determine if the decimals are separated by commas or periods, or that the system has correctly recognized locations.

Then, once you get to the visualization stage, you can easily switch between graphics to decide which is the best fit for your story.

Image: The same data displayed on a map and a line graph.

Explore Local Focus here.