Visually explore complex datasets.

In the age of big data, it can be difficult to discern the pertinent data within a dataset without utilizing some kind of mining software. Mirador is a free, open-source project that attempts to overcome this problem, by allowing data practitioners to visually explore large datasets in order to unearth potential trends or identify stories.

Introducing Mirador from Fathom on Vimeo.

Currently, Mirador supports CSV, TSV, and ODS formats; interpreting each column in these formats as a variable and each row as a value for this variable. To avoid misinterpreting data, Mirador identifies missing values with a question mark sign, and ignores them when conducting an analysis.

Once you have formatted your data, it can be uploaded and explored in Mirador by following the steps outlined in these video tutorials:

For more information or to download Mirador visit its website here.