Neural Network-based Automatic Image Colorization


An online tool that adds life to black and white images.

Researchers from Waseda University have created a tool that recolors images using artificial intelligence. The tool is free, and can be executed in your browser - recoloring only takes two steps!


Image: Simply upload and recolor.

For more complex recoloring tasks, the tool also runs as a part of part of a standard Torch7 install and the download script is available via GitHub.

While the model works for images of any resolution, it was trained on 224x224 pixel images from the Places Dataset and thus works best on images around this size with natural, outdoor colorings.

The tool is particularly useful for journalists looking to incorporate archived images into their stories. Recently, The 1941 Project used the recolorizer to enhance the visual impact of Pearl Harbor images in its interactive map.


Image: The 1941 Project.

Visit the tool's webpage here.

Image: Dennis Skley.