Open Media Scholarship


A free directory of open access scholarship and data in media studies.

Open Media Scholarship (OMS) is a site that gathers together open access media scholarship and data. OMS' philosophy is that research on media and journalism shouldn't be walled off from reporters and the public. So the site collects—and makes easy to find—books, journals, and publishers that are free to download, and features searches for articles and datasets hosted elsewhere.

Image: OMS.

If you are working on a story about net neutrality, for example, you might search OMS for open articles like this one, or find this just-published book on the topic.

New books, journals, and the rest are added to OMS every week, as the open access movement gains momentum among scholars who study media and journalism. It's easy to track new items, via RSS, Twitter, or a monthly newsletter. In keeping with the site's open access commitments, the databases that OMS hosts are free to download and carry a Creative Commons license.

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