A platform for opening up research outputs across Europe.

OpenAIRE is an EC-funded initiative that supports the Open Access policy of the European Commission via a technical infrastructure.

The project aims to promote open scholarship and substantially improve the discoverability and reusability of research publications and data. To this end, it offers a data repository platform that allows users to host and retrieve research data.

OpenAIRE currently has access to 14,822,759 publications and 17,676 datasets from 6,520 data sources, involving 624,392 projects and 18,807 organizations - all of which can be accessed using OpenAIRE's search functionality.


Data is also made available via its APIs.

Linked Open Data Services

The newest edition of the OpenAIRE project, released in beta this week, is its Linked Open Data Services.

For the non-technical, Linked Open Data is a means of publishing structured data that links it to different representations of the same content.

To interlink the OpenAIRE data with related data on the Web, the team identified a list of potential datasets with which to interlink, including the DBpedia dataset extracted from Wikipedia and the publication databases DBLP and CiteSeerX.

So far, the Linked Open Data Services provide descriptions of each entity downloadable from its URI ,a downloadable dump, and a SPARQL endpoint.

Visit the OpenAIRE website here.