An online analysis tool for global poverty monitoring.

PovcalNet is a browser-based tool that allows the user to explore global and country-level poverty data. Drawing on more than 800 national household survey data, spanning 130 countries, PovcalNet offers a harmonized system to investigate, assess and find stories in poverty data.

The database is maintained by the World Bank's Development Research Group, and is updated as new survey data becomes available. At the moment, poverty measures are available for 126 countries whilst inequality measures are available for 130 countries.

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PovcalNet offers two main interfaces. The first allows you to replicate the World Bank's regional aggregation for any reference year and poverty line of your choosing. For example, the following screenshot depicts an aggregation of data from 2010-2011, using a poverty line of $3/day. This table can be expanded to reveal a full summary report of the underlying data by country, and both of these can be copied for later use.


The second interface helps you to compute your own poverty rates. After selecting the regions or countries that you are interested in, PovcalNet lets you customize the survey years, poverty line, and PPP rate. The results can then be output in either a flat or distributional table style. The following screenshot illustrates 2011 data on Armenia, using the international poverty line of $1.90/day and the default 2011 PPP, in a flat table output:


As well as the online analysis interfaces, Povcal also offers a PC executable tool for calculating poverty measures from grouped data.

Explore PovcalNet here.