A free, lightweight tool that creates scatter plots in just three steps.

By Dominik Cygalski, software developer

Scatter plots, sometimes also known as bubble charts, are one of of the most basic, useful and ubiquitous visualization type. While there are many tools out there, scatterplot.online is a simple tool that guides you through the process of transforming your data into scatter plots.

It is free, no account required and your data never leaves your computer. It runs in your web browser and, unlike many other tools, scatterplot.online aims to be lightweight and easy to use. You could use it to quickly see how your datasets look on a scatter plot during initial phase of any data project, for instance. Or, you could just as easily use it to produce high quality elegant plots for your publications.

Typical workflow consists of three steps.

1. Uploading data

Simply copy-paste the data into the data box or drag and drop the data file. A new scatter plot will appear immediately. Data should be in a comma separated format (CSV) but it can also be in a spreadsheet table.

2. Customize plot

Once an initial scatter plot is created, the menu on the left side of the screen can be used to customize the plot. Start by choosing the correct variables for the horizontal and vertical axes. Then, decide whether you want to map any of the variables to size, shape or color dimension. Finally, add the title and modify any other parameters like margins, fonts, and more.

3. Export to image

Once you’re satisfied with the results, go the the Export tab and save the plot as an image in either PNG or SVG format. PNG is a raster graphic format great to share the plot on the web. SVG is a vector graphic format and it is great if you want to further customize the graphic in a more advanced software, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Give it a try! Please feel free to share your thoughts or report bugs - scatterplot.online is a young project. It is still actively developed and new features like more export types, saving workspace and many more are on the way.

About the author

Dominik Cygalski is a software developer who is interested in data visualization and web technologies. After finishing his studies in Europe, he now works at a startup in Singapore, where he tries to make the sharing economy more human friendly. See his other projects here.

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