A resource to enable statistics driven journalism.

STATS.org is an online resource that seeks to facilitate the effective use of statistics in journalism.

The project is a collaboration between Sense About Science USA and the American Statistical Association, with the aim of breaking down silos between the statistics and journalism communities.

"If you are a statistician you are unlikely to engage in journalism in a serious way, and if you are a journalist you are unlikely to engage in statistics in a serious way," they explain on the project's website.

To overcome this problem, STATS.org provides:

  • Free statistical help for journalists through an advisory board of volunteer statisticians from universities across the United States
  • Interactive workshops at news organizations that help journalists understand statistical concepts through examples relevant to them
  • Case studies on the use and misuse of statistics in the news, public policy, and scientific research


The resource has already helped journalists from the Associated Press, ABC News, the New York Times, the Economist and Vox.

Keep tuned - the team are currently in the process of creating:

  • Workshops for journalism schools
  • Modules on statistics in science—a database of examples of appropriate uses of statistics in biomedicine, astronomy, the geosciences, climate science, etc.
  • Accurate and captivating visualizations of statistical concepts for the general public
  • Subject-area workshops for journalists
  • Public engagement workshops for statisticians to help them communicate to journalists and the public

Visit STATS.org here.