The Ethical Journalist’s Toolkit


A free, online course to help you apply ethical principles to your data stories.

There should be no journalism without ethics, particularly in a digital world, where there is a constant flow of information, much of which is false. To help journalists navigate ethical issues, the Ethical Journalism Network's CEO, Aidan White, is instructing a free course on ethical journalism: The Ethical Journalist's Toolkit.

Course content

The course will look at:

  • How to apply ethical principles to your journalism, whether you are working in social media, in print or on TV/radio.
  • How to maintain your independence and impartiality in the face of powerful interests trying to influence your work.
  • How to maintain your humanity and the humanity of the people you are reporting about, even when other journalists fail to.
  • How to ignore fake news and discover the facts, while maintaining your principles of honesty, objectivity and accountability.

By the end of the course, EJN promises that:

  • You will have developed your own ‘ethical toolkit’, that will help you make the correct judgement for every story.
  • You will feel more confident in maintaining your independence and sticking to your principles when dealing with false information, sensitive material or attempts from vested interests to influence your work.
  • You will understand the connection between applying your ethical toolkit and the trust which your audience places in your journalism.
  • You will discover that this trust means you can increase your sources of stories, as people - especially those who feel marginalised in society - believe in the accuracy and independence of your reporting.

Participating experts

  • Ewen MacAskill - Defence and intelligence correspondent for The Guardian
  • Salim Amin - Chairman of Camerapix
  • Dorothy Byrne - Head of News and Current Affairs at Channel Four
  • Craig Silverman - Media Editor of BuzzFeed News

The course is self-paced, but you should be able to complete it within two hours. It will be available until April 2018.

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