List of tutorials for journalists on how to use spreadsheets


A recent article on the Poynter Institute website about the most common tools that are part of a data journalist’s tool belt listed spreadsheets at the top. Since many government agencies and organizations provide data online in a spreadsheet or other format that can be imported into a spreadsheet, we thought of compiling a list of the best free tutorials that we could find on the web for journalists who want to learn spreadsheet skills.


  • Knight Digital Media Center tutorial on spreadsheets. This is a useful and detailed tutorial for absolute beginners. It has 25 sections explaining among others how to import data in a spreadsheet, how to use formulas and how to format cells.
  • Forjournalists.com Excel basics and advanced features, tips and tricks and a four-part Excel training course (towards intermediate/advanced level).
  • McGill University guide to exporting a table from a PDF file into an excel spreadsheet. 


Do you know any additional useful resources for learning spreadsheet skills? Leave a comment.


Teaser image source: www.iconseeker.com