Leverage 15 million data points on democracy and 39 democracy-related indices.

Earlier this year, V-Dem released the world's largest democracy database. The database includes data points on 350 unique democracy indicators, 34 democracy indices, and five main democracy indices for Electoral, Liberal, Participatory, Deliberative, and Egalitarian democracy; for 173 countries over 112 years - that's 15 million data points in total.

According to Staffan I. Lindberg, Director of the V-Dem Institute, V-Dem digresses from previous democracy measurements by examining 'unobservable' indicators.

"The aim is to measure democracy data with global standards based on local knowledge", he explained.

"Our measurement of these principles are based on two types of data, factual data collected by assisting researchers and survey responses by country experts."

But V-Dem is more than just a database. It also offers four online analysis tools, specifically designed to visualize data from the V-Dem dataset.

For comparative analyses of multiple countries against a singular indicator, the variable graph tool is recommended, while the country graph tool allows you to compare multiple indicators across one country.

The motion chart feature allows for more in-depth analyses. Here, the relationship between two variables over time can be explored through an interactive scatterplot graph.


Image: The motion chart feature

Finally, the map tool, albeit still in beta mode, allows you to explore the distribution of variables across the globe on a year-by-year basis.

An update of the dataset is scheduled for 31 March 2016.

Visit the V-Dem webpage here.