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2014: The Year in Data Journalism News & Analysis 05/26/14
A look back at the Data Harvest Conference 2012 News & Analysis 05/15/12
A look inside the EU budget and what the numbers mean (Guardian Data Blog) Featured Projects 03/09/12
A vaccine against that anti-data journalism brain News & Analysis 11/05/15
All the lonely people: Where do they all come from? Featured Projects 11/11/15
Announcing the winner of the Data Journalism Survey prize! News & Analysis 11/25/11
AP to include Data Journalism Best Practices in 2017 Stylebook News & Analysis 10/02/15
Are you sure about those numbers? An application of Bayesian methods to MSF child mortality rates News & Analysis 10/24/15
Cash Drops and Keystrokes: The New York Times investigates the legality of online sport games Featured Projects 10/17/15
Chromescraper Resources 10/13/15
Code for Africa get’s 4,7 million grant to extend data-driven projects News & Analysis 08/14/15
Comparing Graphics from The Guardian and The New York Times: A Project by Marije Rooze Resources 03/01/13
Comparison of Twitter APIs and tools for analyzing Tweets related to the Ebola Virus Disease News & Analysis 11/02/15
Data enriched research, data enhanced impact: The importance of UK data infrastructure News & Analysis 11/20/15
Data journalism and ethics: What does the industry say? News & Analysis 11/18/15
Data Journalism for Small Newsrooms News & Analysis 05/26/14
Data journalism: a new level of playing field News & Analysis 01/12/12
Data Journalists respond to Obama’s gun control challenge News & Analysis 10/08/15
Data Visualisation Tools and Trends to Watch: An Interview with News & Analysis 02/08/13
Databits: A New Approach to Build a Community for Data Experts Resources 09/03/15
Digital Matatus: Smartphones and data visualization to report on transport in Kenya Featured Projects 11/19/15
DJA nominee of the day: 2011 Illinois School Report Cards Featured Projects 05/21/12
DJA nominee of the day: Methadone and the Politics of Pain Featured Projects 05/22/12
DJA nominee of the day: Where Are You on the Global Pay Scale? Featured Projects 05/25/12
DocumentCloud Resources 11/17/15
From CAR to data journalism: Past, present and future of journalism News & Analysis 05/08/12
From Idea to Story: Planning the Data Journalism Story News & Analysis 05/26/14
Google Public Data Explorer Resources 11/09/11
Hack hunger with data this World Food Day News & Analysis 10/16/15
High Tech Storytelling: Predictions, Robots, Presidents (Virtual Hackathon) Events 11/30/15
How data can help INFORM humanitarian journalism News & Analysis 11/27/15
How does Amazon’s QuickSight launch benefit journalists? News & Analysis 10/10/15
How researchers created a journalism tool by scraping data from science journals News & Analysis 11/09/15 Resources 09/24/15
In-game player movements tracker Resources 09/24/15
KAICIID Peace Map: Visualizing global peace activities with data collected by-hand Featured Projects 10/02/15 Resources 10/07/15
Manual on Excel for data journalists Resources 11/23/11
McGraw Hill Financial Data Journalism (Online) Events 10/22/15
NarcoData: Contextualizing the Drug War in Mexico Featured Projects 11/25/15
New data mining initiative uses students’ browsing history to improve medical reporting News & Analysis 11/26/15
New portal expedites access to open government data across Europe News & Analysis 11/17/15
News Impact Summit Dublin (Ireland) Events 11/13/15
Paul Bradshaw’s ‘Data Journalism Heist’ now available in Spanish News & Analysis 09/24/15
People’s Republic of Bolzano: Visual journalism bridging community divides Featured Projects 10/08/15 A visual exploration of demographic data Featured Projects 11/01/15
RegioHack: data from the region News & Analysis 11/30/11
Some Useful Statistical Blogs Resources 03/01/13
Spanish-only version of NICAR-L launched today News & Analysis 10/14/15
State of Obesity: Using data visualization for public health messaging Featured Projects 10/21/15
Statwing: Powerful Data Analysis, Simple to Use Resources 03/01/13
StatWorld Resources 11/28/15
Tableau Public Resources 11/10/11
Tabula 1.0 released: Tool helps to extract data from PDFs Resources 08/11/15
Tangram Resources 11/13/15
The Age of Insight: Google News Labs Video on data-driven journalism Featured Projects 06/19/15
The Basics of Interactive Storytelling with Mariana Santos News & Analysis 05/26/14
The Bastards Book of Ruby Resources 12/13/11
The Counted: How many people got killed by police, when and where? Featured Projects 09/24/15
The future of data journalism News & Analysis 07/02/12
The Guardian Data Store Resources 08/31/11
The High Performance Computing and Big Data Conference 2016 (London, UK) Events 10/22/15
The importance of numeracy for data journalists News & Analysis 11/08/11
Using open data? Put yourself on the map News & Analysis 10/13/15
Video: How can data journalism save your newsroom? News & Analysis 05/08/12
Video: School of Data Journalism - Getting Stories from Data workshop Resources 05/11/12
Video: School of Data Journalism - Spending Stories workshop Resources 03/01/13
Video: The Data Tsunami: when journalism becomes quantified News & Analysis 07/03/12
Video: Turning data into narrative: 2012 MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference News & Analysis 06/28/12
Vizable Resources 10/22/15
Web Scraping for Journalists (London, UK) Events 09/17/15
What gets measured gets done: The importance of data in achieving development progress News & Analysis 10/08/15
What I Learned at NICAR 2014: Apps, Tips, and Sites News & Analysis 03/10/14
What I Learned at NICAR 2014: Data Journalism is Mainly Journalism News & Analysis 03/17/14
What I Learned at NICAR 2014: New Ideas – Cool Things People Are Doing With Data News & Analysis 03/11/14
What is the best way for journalists to learn D3.js? News & Analysis 11/05/15
What Kinds of Stories Can You Find in Data? News & Analysis 09/17/12
What value does Facebook’s Signal add to the data driven community? News & Analysis 09/25/15
‘The English allotment lottery’ (Guardian Data Blog) Featured Projects 12/02/11
“Open Data” + Journalism = ? News & Analysis 10/21/15