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#GE2015: What Twitter’s API revealed about the 2015 UK election debates News & Analysis 03/08/16
#ThisIsACoup: A Case Study of Data Journalism using Social Media News & Analysis 01/21/16
2014: The Year in Data Journalism News & Analysis 05/26/14
2016 Esri User Conference (San Diego, USA) Events 03/14/16
3 data lessons from Netflix News & Analysis 03/26/16
3 Winning ways to use data: A roundup of 2015 IRE Award projects News & Analysis 04/11/16
4 data resources for journalists reporting on Zika News & Analysis 02/17/16
65536 problems with numbers and your data News & Analysis 01/20/16
A data visualization that is invariant to the data News & Analysis 12/26/15
A look back at the Data Harvest Conference 2012 News & Analysis 05/15/12
A look inside the EU budget and what the numbers mean (Guardian Data Blog) Featured Projects 03/09/12
A vaccine against that anti-data journalism brain News & Analysis 11/05/15
African data journalism fund offers $500,000 for investigative projects News & Analysis 01/20/16
All I want for Christmas is some help with my code News & Analysis 12/24/15
All the lonely people: Where do they all come from? Featured Projects 11/11/15
An official mystery: US data on police-related deaths (yet counted by the Guardian) News & Analysis 02/19/16
An XML miracle (or how to find a Trader Joe’s that sells beer) News & Analysis 01/08/16
Announcing the winner of the Data Journalism Survey prize! News & Analysis 11/25/11
AP to include Data Journalism Best Practices in 2017 Stylebook News & Analysis 10/02/15
Are you sure about those numbers? An application of Bayesian methods to MSF child mortality rates News & Analysis 10/24/15
Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response (AIDR) Resources 12/25/15
Availability of data for gender analysis has increased News & Analysis 12/07/15
Beyond the Hashtags: Asking data how #Blacklivesmatter impacted offline conversations Featured Projects 03/31/16
Big data problems we face today can be traced to the social ordering practices of the 19th century News & Analysis 01/05/16 Resources 03/28/16
British intelligence agency releases its map database News & Analysis 12/15/15
Broca Resources 04/05/16
Cash Drops and Keystrokes: The New York Times investigates the legality of online sport games Featured Projects 10/17/15
Chromescraper Resources 10/13/15
CNN Politics App: Election data at your fingertips Featured Projects 04/30/16
Code for Africa get’s 4,7 million grant to extend data-driven projects News & Analysis 08/14/15
Collect Earth Resources 02/18/16
Comparing Graphics from The Guardian and The New York Times: A Project by Marije Rooze Resources 03/01/13
Comparison of Twitter APIs and tools for analyzing Tweets related to the Ebola Virus Disease News & Analysis 11/02/15
ConfiscatiBene: From a little map to a Europe-wide data journalism project Featured Projects 03/07/16
COP21: Three ways data can combat climate change compassion fatigue News & Analysis 12/03/15
DART Resources 03/29/16
Dat Resources 04/19/16
Data enriched research, data enhanced impact: The importance of UK data infrastructure News & Analysis 11/20/15
Data journalism and ethics: What does the industry say? News & Analysis 11/18/15
Data Journalism Awards Events 03/14/16
Data Journalism for Small Newsrooms News & Analysis 05/26/14
Data journalism meets UK hyperlocal media: What’s hindering the potential? News & Analysis 03/10/16
Data journalism: a new level of playing field News & Analysis 01/12/12
Data journalism’s finest News & Analysis 01/23/16
Data Journalists respond to Obama’s gun control challenge News & Analysis 10/08/15
Data Visualisation Tools and Trends to Watch: An Interview with News & Analysis 02/08/13
DataBasic Resources 01/26/16
Databits: A New Approach to Build a Community for Data Experts Resources 09/03/15
Dataharvest/EIJC, The European Investigative Journalism Conference (Belgium) Events 03/16/16
DataMaps Resources 01/16/16
Datamatic Resources 03/24/16
Dear Data: A data visualization project that doesn’t involve a computer Featured Projects 12/09/15
Digital Matatus: Smartphones and data visualization to report on transport in Kenya Featured Projects 11/19/15
Dive Against Debris: Employing 25,600 scuba divers to collect data Featured Projects 02/06/16
DJA 2016: An award to celebrate the best of data journalism worldwide News & Analysis 04/03/16
DJA nominee of the day: 2011 Illinois School Report Cards Featured Projects 05/21/12
DJA nominee of the day: Methadone and the Politics of Pain Featured Projects 05/22/12
DJA nominee of the day: Where Are You on the Global Pay Scale? Featured Projects 05/25/12
DKAN Resources 01/30/16
DocumentCloud Resources 11/17/15
Earthdata Search Resources 02/26/16
Elex Resources 04/21/16
Ethics in data journalism: Margin of error in Bureau of Labor Statistics reports News & Analysis 12/30/15
EU Integrity Watch: A visual database to promote accountability Featured Projects 04/13/16
FreeMapTools Resources 03/17/16
From CAR to data journalism: Past, present and future of journalism News & Analysis 05/08/12
From Computing Clerks to Androids: Two bits on the material lives of social data in India News & Analysis 04/18/16
From data basic to data die hard: Check out the EJC’s new online training platform News & Analysis 02/25/16
From Idea to Story: Planning the Data Journalism Story News & Analysis 05/26/14
Get Appy: A data analysis of the Global App Economy Featured Projects 04/15/16
Get curious about data: Insights and lessons on how data works News & Analysis 04/12/16
Getting data aggregation right News & Analysis 12/23/15
GitHub Experiment: Mapping the civic tech community Featured Projects 04/20/16
Global Summit on Computer & Information Technology (GSCIT 2016) (Tunisia) Events 04/19/16
Google Public Data Explorer Resources 11/09/11
Hack hunger with data this World Food Day News & Analysis 10/16/15
Happiness can’t be measured…or can it? News & Analysis 03/16/16
How data can help INFORM humanitarian journalism News & Analysis 11/27/15
How does Amazon’s QuickSight launch benefit journalists? News & Analysis 10/10/15
How researchers created a journalism tool by scraping data from science journals News & Analysis 11/09/15
How to tell if your data has been jeopardized a human News & Analysis 12/23/15
If we want a resilient world, we need to start with resilient data News & Analysis 05/10/16 Resources 09/24/15
In-game player movements tracker Resources 09/24/15
Is data journalism for everyone? News & Analysis 02/23/16
Is there a gun in that photo? News & Analysis 05/08/16
ISDS: Uncovering the hidden world of investment arbitration Featured Projects 04/22/16
ITU releases first ever big data standards News & Analysis 12/21/15
iWantHue Resources 03/01/16
jqPlot Resources 05/21/16 Putting femicide on the map Featured Projects 02/10/16
KAICIID Peace Map: Visualizing global peace activities with data collected by-hand Featured Projects 10/02/15 Resources 10/07/15
Les Gouvernements de Paul Biya: Retracing the 34 years that Cameroon’s president has been in power Featured Projects 05/14/16
Libpostal Resources 03/04/16
Manual on Excel for data journalists Resources 11/23/11
Map Me Happy: Another side of Ukraine revealed through data visualization Featured Projects 03/15/16
Measuring ‘hate’ through Google searches News & Analysis 02/02/16
Measuring corruption in Africa: Can data be trusted? News & Analysis 04/06/16