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‘Data journalism’ draws the line between the quick and the dead News & Analysis 01/11/12
3 Winning ways to use data: A roundup of 2015 IRE Award projects News & Analysis 04/11/16
African data journalism fund offers $500,000 for investigative projects News & Analysis 01/20/16
Cash Drops and Keystrokes: The New York Times investigates the legality of online sport games Featured Projects 10/17/15
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Data journalism can save your newsroom, but what from? News & Analysis 05/08/12
Data journalism workshop on EU spending, Utrecht, 8-9 September News & Analysis 11/10/11
Dataharvest/EIJC, The European Investigative Journalism Conference (Belgium) Events 03/16/16
Il Fondo Al Mar: Data Visualisation and Suspicious Sinkings Featured Projects 05/14/13
Investigative Dashboard Resources 12/08/15
Overview Resources 12/11/15
Panama Papers data to be released in May News & Analysis 04/28/16
Panama Papers: A 2.6 terabyte trove of data on the offshore financial industry Featured Projects 04/04/16
RegioHack: data from the region News & Analysis 11/30/11
Video: School of Data Journalism - Getting Stories from Data workshop Resources 05/11/12
Video: School of Data Journalism - Information Wants to Be Free workshop Resources 05/11/12
Video: The Wikileaks effect: the rebirth of investigative journalism News & Analysis 01/11/12
“Open Data” + Journalism = ? News & Analysis 10/21/15