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“Just because we can doesn’t mean we should”: When data viz is and isn’t appropriate News & Analysis 10/22/16
#TrumpWon? Trend vs. reality News & Analysis 10/21/16
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A Mirador for the data forest: From exploration to predictive modeling News & Analysis 06/07/16
A non-technical introduction to machine learning News & Analysis 03/28/17
Advocacy Assembly Resources 09/15/16
Adzuna Resources 03/12/17
afriLEAKS Resources 03/11/18
An XML miracle (or how to find a Trader Joe’s that sells beer) News & Analysis 01/08/16
Announcing the winner of the Data Journalism Survey prize! News & Analysis 11/25/11
Are you sure about those numbers? An application of Bayesian methods to MSF child mortality rates News & Analysis 10/24/15
Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response (AIDR) Resources 12/25/15
AsiaData Resources 06/15/16
Ask Resources 05/15/17
Assess broadband performance with M-Lab’s public data News & Analysis 10/03/17
Beginner’s guide for journalists who want to understand API documentation Resources 03/15/12 Resources 03/28/16
Broca Resources 04/05/16
CDC WONDER Resources 01/03/18
Chromescraper Resources 10/13/15
Code for Africa get’s 4,7 million grant to extend data-driven projects News & Analysis 08/14/15
Collect Earth Resources 02/18/16
Comparing Graphics from The Guardian and The New York Times: A Project by Marije Rooze Resources 03/01/13
Comparison of Twitter APIs and tools for analyzing Tweets related to the Ebola Virus Disease News & Analysis 11/02/15
Creating dot density maps with Chicago Tribune’s new open source toolkit Resources 03/20/12
Creative maps, drawn by hand Resources 09/24/15
Cronycle Insights Resources 01/13/18
Crowdsourced crisis mapping: How it works and why it matters News & Analysis 05/28/12
CSV Lint Resources 09/09/16
DART Resources 03/29/16
Dat Resources 04/19/16
Data Driven Guides Resources 12/07/17
Data Driven Journalism In A Box: What do you think needs to be in it? Featured Projects 12/01/11
Data driven research: Exploring the barriers to skills acquisition News & Analysis 09/18/17
Data in multiple languages means data in multiple cultures News & Analysis 09/08/16
Data Journalism Awards featured winner: Riot Rumours Featured Projects 06/08/12
Data journalism’s finest News & Analysis 01/23/16
Data Journalists Discuss Their Tools of Choice News & Analysis 02/01/13
Data science and climate change: An audience visualization News & Analysis 01/25/17
Data visualization trick: Make every country on a map the same size News & Analysis 07/11/17 Telling open data stories about military history Featured Projects 01/10/17
DataBasic Resources 01/26/16 Resources 11/30/17
DataMaps Resources 01/16/16
Datamatic Resources 03/24/16
DataProofer Resources 09/24/17
Datavisual Resources 09/06/17
Datawrapper 1.0 Is Released Resources 03/01/13 Resources 06/16/17
Digging up data on Russia’s media News & Analysis 10/18/16
DJA nominee of the day: 2011 Illinois School Report Cards Featured Projects 05/21/12
DJA nominee of the day: Pedestrian Crashes in Novosibirsk 2011 Featured Projects 05/17/12
DJA nominee of the day: Verokuitti Featured Projects 05/17/12
DKAN Resources 01/30/16
DocumentCloud Resources 11/17/15
Don’t test me: Using Fisher’s exact test to unearth stories about statistical relationships News & Analysis 01/18/17
Earthdata Search Resources 02/26/16
Echosec Resources 07/13/16
Elex Resources 04/21/16
EU Integrity Watch: A visual database to promote accountability Featured Projects 12/17/16
Europeana Transcribe: Crowdsourcing WWI data from handwritten text Featured Projects 03/02/17
Everlaw for Journalists Resources 02/25/17
Facets Resources 07/28/17
Facts not anecdotes: The value of data journalism according to Matt Stiles News & Analysis 04/05/12
FoamTree Resources 07/17/16
FOIA Wiki Resources 10/25/16
Forensically Resources 10/10/17
FredR Resources 08/27/16
FreeMapTools Resources 03/17/16
From Commutes to Megaregions, with open data and open source software News & Analysis 01/04/17
From data basic to data die hard: Check out the EJC’s new online training platform News & Analysis 02/25/16
From print to digital: 5 steps of transformation News & Analysis 09/14/16
Full Fact awarded $500,000 to build automated factchecking tools News & Analysis 07/05/17
Generation Next: Six promising data visualization applications introduced at Show Me the Data 2012 News & Analysis 04/18/12
GeoVisual Search Resources 03/23/17
GitHub Experiment: Mapping the civic tech community Featured Projects 04/20/16
Good Tables Resources 12/17/16
Google Data Studio Resources 11/08/16
Google Earth Landsat 8 Imagery Resources 06/29/16
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Has big data really changed journalism? News & Analysis 11/29/17
Helping J-Schools embrace Google tools News & Analysis 12/07/16
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How Spain’s First Data Journalism MA Came to Life News & Analysis 10/01/13
How The Chronicle made college sexual violence data more accessible News & Analysis 06/27/16
How to become a data journalist: The School of Data Journalism - Day 1 News & Analysis 05/08/12
How to become a data journalist: The School of Data Journalism - Day 2 News & Analysis 05/08/12
IIAG Data Portal Resources 11/19/16
Illuminating 2016: Helping journalists cover social media in the presidential campaign Featured Projects 08/28/16
Immerse your journalism with $35,000 News & Analysis 03/13/17 Resources 09/24/15
In-game player movements tracker Resources 09/24/15