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Rethinking ethics in social network research

With journalists increasingly using social network analyses, the ethical aspects of this type of research must not be forgotten.


9 Places to find data on the environment

What is the best way of reporting on data related to the environment? And where do you find the data in the first place?



A tool to facilitate the use of AIDS-related data in countries and globally.

Chatbots Gone Wild

The data science behind making a chatbot worth talking to.

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America’s Wall: How we built a detailed map of the U.S.-Mexico border wall

Using previously undisclosed records, inewsource and KPBS collaborated to produce the most comprehensive look at the border wall to date.


Turning hurricanes into music: Can listening to storms help us understand them better?

A meteorologist and a music technologist team up to turn the data from tropical storms into musical graphs.

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25/1/2018 - 26/1/2018

Advanced Analytics Forum (Berlin, Germany)

Improve your data driven decision making from a holistic perspective.

28/2/2018 - 2/3/2018

Big Data Week 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland)

The third edition of the EBU Big Data week – from 28 February to 2 March 2018 in Geneva – is dedicated to change.

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