About DataDrivenJournalism.net

We are a hub for news and resources from the community of journalists, editors, designers and developers who use data in the service of journalism. On our site you’ll be able to:

  • Get a behind the scenes look at data journalism projects from around the world;
  • Learn about new tools and methods for how to work with data effectively;
  • Find out and get informed about training events and job opportunities in your area;
  • Stay on top of the latest developments in the field.

The website is part of the European Journalism Centre’s Data Driven Journalism initiative.

Data Driven Journalism is one of the leading initiatives for training, resources and networking in the area of data journalism. Founded in 2010, the programme is dedicated to accelerating the diffusion and improving the quality of data journalism around the world, whether the focus is on investigations, news applications, putting news into context, or simply using data to inform and assist journalistic work.

Through a combination of knowledge sharing via training courses, conferences and online resources, and encouraging collaboration by building and strengthening the community of practitioners, we aim to enable more journalists, editors, news developers and designers to make better use of data and incorporate it further into their work.

Other Projects We Run

The Data Journalism Handbook

Dubbed the “bible” of data journalism, the handbook is a reference book on how journalists can use data to improve their work, with contributions from the New York Times, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, the Chicago Tribune, Deutsche Welle, the Guardian, the Financial Times, La Nacion, ProPublica, the Washington Post, Zeit Online and many others. Produced in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation and published by O’Reilly Media, the book is used in newsrooms across the world as well as in universities in journalism, statistics and graphic design courses alike. The book is available in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. [visit]

Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools

A Data Journalism MOOC that ran in 2014 with 25.000 participants. This free 5-week online introductory course gives participants the essential concepts, techniques and skills to effectively work with data and produce compelling data stories under tight deadlines. Created by the people behind the Data Journalism Handbook and supported by Google, this course is open to anyone in the world with an Internet connection who wants to tell stories with data. [visit]

The School of Data Journalism

With hundreds of participants every year, the School of Data Journalism is Europe's biggest data journalism event. Featuring a mix of panel discussions and hands-on sessions, the School gives participants an opportunity to discuss developments and challenges in the field, learn about new tools, techniques and initiatives, and meet and network face-to-face with like-minded practitioners. Organised in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation, the School is hosted at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy. [visit]

The Team

  • Editor: Madolyn Smith
  • Project Manager: Arne Grauls
  • Tech support: Lucas Daniels
  • Programme Advisor: Liliana Bounegru

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is composed of ten experts in the data journalism field and other related disciplines, who help to provide input and guidance to the website. You can get to know the Editorial Board team members better by visiting the Editorial Board page.


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